About us

Having experienced the frustration and battle to find reliable, readily available parts to complete some of my personal restorations led me to obtaining various agencies for Aircooled Spares over the past number of years, as local suppliers have always had issues with stock availability. This encouraged us to invest a little money and carry some spares on hand for ourselves. Once our passion turned into a full restoration facility we increased our stock in order to try and beat the weak Rand. This, in turn, led to other restorers contacting us for spares to complete their own work. We realised that there was a need for a reliable Aircooled spares supplier as most of the chain suppliers in SA have been discontinuing Aircooled VW parts over the last number of years

The mere fact that 99.9% of these parts have to be imported from somewhere around the Globe remains a reality, and with our currency not being the strongest and most stable it is always a challenge to get the best deal! And that is what Aircooled Spares SA is all about!!

In the past couple of years I have travelled far and wide searching for the right suppliers that can consistently supply good quality spares at a reasonable price.

We launched our shop “Aircooled Spares” in November 2014, and have not looked back since! We import spares on a regular basis and attempt to make it more affordable and less hassle than if you attempted importing it yourself.

As a family Business, we strive in offering great service coupled with reliability, good pricing and quality spares for the vintage VW enthusiast.

We are still growing at a steady pace and will be adding 100’s of lines to our stock holding over the next few years!Iin the meantime, we do carry stock and also import almost weekly from various suppliers. So, if you need some spares for you Aircooled VW, be it Beetle, Bus, Ghia or Type 3, you have arrived at the right place...

We also offer other services such as Vintage car hire and Valuations.

Give us a call or pop us an email for that small once off part that you need, or just pop in for a browse and a chat …We all share the same passion at Aircooled Spares!!