Terms and conditions for special orders.

We base our orders on quantity, thus in order to deliver an order within 14 working days, we will require our order quantity to be filled at least 7 working days prior to the prescribed delivery date. If, for what ever reason, we are unable to fill the order quantity in time, the order will be delayed until such time that our order quantity is sufficient with our suppliers. 

All orders are subject to availability.

Images are for reference only. Parts may differ from images. 

Prices are subject to change at any time without notice based on the rand/dollar exchange rate and other relevant fluctuations in import costs.

No order will be placed with our supplier without a minimum of a 50% deposit.

If, for any reason other than stated above, the shipment gets delayed, we are obligated to advise the client, however, this is out of our control, and no liability will be placed on us for the delay.

Order cancellations:

The required 50% deposit is non-refundable, unless an arrangement is reached with Aircooled spares. The deposit is required to cover shipping duties and vat of our imports, thus the deposit paid is a part payment of services rendered (Fees paid for the transportation of goods that has already commenced), and cannot be refunded. 

In the event of wrong, damaged or incomplete orders, you will be held liable for domestic shipping charges.

In the event of wrong goods ordered, an arrangement must be reached with Aircooled Spares. In most cases we will accept the wrongly ordered part and order the correct one for you. However, if it is an item we deem as year model or vehicle specific that we don't generally or have never stocked, you will be liable for all charges of the item. 

We offer refunds in the form of shop credit. If a cash refund is required, an arrangement must be reached with Aircooled Spares. 

We do not offer refunds for any electrical goods or mechanical goods that have been fitted by a non-RMI approved workshop.

 All Heritage Parts Centers terms and conditions applies to Aircooled Spares.